Ako Help desk – Army Knowledge Online

There is always training that come in the form of Army electronic learning programs, Army transcript, Army Correspondence, United States Army Reserve Virtual University and many more that have been designed for the Army and those that are Department of Army civilian. These courses are formulated to help Army men and women enrich the standard of their education without charge so that they can be better citizens who have full educational background while in the Army. Ako help desk is what will help these men and women with the information and this electronic education procedure that is required for a successful pass.

The Army System for AKO is very functional that a soldier can make use of the services of DKO/AKO mail services from anywhere in the world. The system has been built on Appian BPM Suite technology that can make use of sharing of information, information dissemination, process management and other features because of the huge number of audience that are making use of it. The Army Knowledge Online System is popularly called ako help desk has made it possible for information on features like the e-mail, directory, portal and other functionality of the electronic mail providers to be effective. The system has made it possible for those in National Guard, Active Duty, DA Civilian, Reserves, and many others who have business with the Army to have access to the webmail and Army page web of the United States of America.

The world of the United States of Army has become almost a virtual world except for the physical combatants that happen around them. War is not always going to be fought which means that an era of peace would surely come. And this time have a lot to do with login portal which would take the mind of these men and women out of violence to some vital things in the community of American Army. There is the Army Knowledge Online training function that would give access through the login portal of AKO for different activities and functions in the Army. When you are waiting for a reserve call up in the Army, it is the ako help desk that would support you in making sure that your name is enlisted when due. The work of this help desk is numerous and does not lack in any function because of the trained men and women who are employed to take care of the needs of the Army community. It does not cost anything for anyone to make use of the services of the customer help desk of the United States Army because it is a free service for those making use of AKO mail service.

There are lots of things that ako helpdesk would help an Army officer or those who are non soldiers but have been employed by the Army do while in the Army community. With a successful registration in AKO public web page, getting information that is classified and non classified is make available. If you are going to be effective in the Army, you should have a login access that would help you get the best from the American Army community. You can easily log in after account registration on the webmail and web page of the Army. However, before you can log in, there are two things that need to be done before access can be opened to you. The first thing that must be done by a user of AKO account is the use of password and username for authentication with Common Access Card that is always given to soldiers or Army civilians employees by the Department of Defense.