AKO Account Registration | AKO Registration Procedures

AKO Account Registration is important for every Army officer in the United States of America Army because that is the only thing that would give access to Army Knowledge Online. There are lots of things that AKO would help an Army officer or those who are non soldiers but have been employed by the Army do while in the Army community. With a successful registration in AKO public web page, getting information that is classified and non classified is make available. If you are going to be effective in the Army, you should have a login access that would help you get the best from the American Army community. You can easily log in after account registration on the webmail and web page of the Army. However, before you can log in, there are two things that need to be done before access can be opened to you. The first thing that must be done by a user of AKO account is the use of password and username for authentication with Common Access Card that is always given to soldiers or Army civilians employees by the Department of Defense.

When you are in the Army, the first thing that is necessary to take care is the AKO Account Registration that the Army Help Desk would handle. Army Knowledge Online has two kinds of accounts which are the full AKO account and then there is the guest account. There is need to differentiate these types of accounts so that you would understand the type of account you need to open for yourself. For those who are not going to make use of sponsorship before they can register, they are the ones that have full AKO account. This people who are opportune to have this full Army Knowledge Online are Army officers who are active, reserve. Retired, Contracted ROTC Cadets, Future Soldiers, DA Civilian, NAF Civilian, Medical Retired, DoD Civilian, US Coast Guard, US Air Force, National Guard, US Military Academy Cadets, US Navy and US Marine Corps. These are the only people who have full access to the Army Knowledge Online without sponsorship because they are the properties of the American government.

The AKO Account Registration has another type of account which is the guest account. This account demands that sponsorship should be given to the owner of the account. These men and women include Family Member of Full AKO Member, Federal Civilian Agencies, Foreign Officer (attached to U.S Army), Army Volunteer, Contractor, Homeland Security, Incoming Future Soldier, Incoming DA Civilian, ROTC Cadets (MS I and II), Military Transition, Medical Discharge and Local National Employee. These two accounts are different and cannot be combined or interchanged because of the high level of security in the Army.

Do you know the function of AKO Account Registration? The electronic mail and then the collaboration capacities of Army Knowledge Online is what make this special account registration different from others. With this account registration, a project like Wounded Warrior can be used on affected soldiers who need medical rehabilitation. The registration of AKO is imperative because that is what would help in the management of those in the Army community. Information is the force that would make an Army stay out of trouble or uncommon challenges that a civilian may pass through. For you to have an edge in the United States Army, you should have an account with Army Knowledge Online. It has not been easy for hackers to leak files from AKO Account Registration of some important officers in the Army. This is because of the security level that is imposed on this webmail.