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Listed Below Frequently asked questions about ako webmail.

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Army Knowledge Online, licenses and our other legal and technical tools.

  • Q: Is the AKO password different for webmail than the support page? Is the password to access AKO support different than the password to access AKO webmail? I can access my Support page, but it will not accept my password for mail. Help?
  • A: Normally You should access your ako webmail right from the ako home page.
  • Q: My AKO Webmail will not load? I downloaded the DoD certificates so my laptop finally lets me sign onto AKO, but when I go to check my Webmail, it stops loading at 65%. What can I do so I can check my email on AKO at home?
  • A: If you are using IE9 like I am or Firefox / Chrome-  those are not supported browsers, according to AKO, “some or all functionality may be lost” with unsupported browsers. The fix is to uninstall IE9 and re-install IE8. You might have to re-install the DoD root certificates and then let your browser to get AKO working correctly. Check  http://akohelpdeskphonenumber.org/ for info on this whole process and for updated ako contact number.
  • Q:Why is it that when I try to check my AKO webmail a message comes up about jvm error? The error message says “jvm error 517”.
  • A:It’s an error with whoever made the webmail script. typically on blackberry devices, But you should check that you have Java enabled in your browser settings. Or, try using another browser, for a quick repair go to http://jvmerror102.net/jvm-error-517/, You should also contact support at AKO and let them know you have a problem so they can fix it.
  • Q:AKO webmail on outlook 2007? After setting up AKO webmail on outlook 2007, why I can not connect to AKO server and receive the mails?
  • A:I definitely set up correctly, I set up my AKO on outlook 2007 before, and then removed the account for a while. Now it is the second time setting up my AKO account with outlook 2007, but it can not connect to AKO server only to www.sbcglobal.net.
  • Q:Does AKO webmail account work on outlook recently?
  • A: yes, it does.
  • Q:AKO webmail account access? I will go to Individual Ready Reserve after 8 years of service, can I still access AKO webmail during my Individual Ready Reserve period?
  • A: Once you leave active duty and/or active Army Reserves, your access to AKO will cease. For all practical purposes, the Army will consider you a civilian with a two year recall option. This applies to all four military Services/branches. Be sure to get a copy of my med and ERB records in case you need them in the future for disability filing with the VA. The military/St. Louis have a history of losing soldiers records. Cover your six and put your copies in a safe place. Unless you put your copy in a safe deposit box, recommend make a second copy and ask your parents or a close friend to retain it for you. Never know when a house fire or theft of your personal affects may occur – hopefully never.
  • Q:AKO webmail wont work? I have two laptops and one has I think IE 7 and the other 9 and i can not for the life of me get my ako to work. On the laptop that has explorer 9 on it it just wont load my email due to 0xc00000e9 error. It gets to 70% and stops. And on the other one it wont even open the screen to login it says internet explorer can not display the webpage. So my question is what can I do to make ako webmail work or is there another program to use like firefox that will be a little easier to use?
  • A: I had that problem too, close out the webmail &go back to AKO homepage, click on the quick view for the web mail, at the bottom right of the little window that opens, you can click on webmail classic.
  • Q:Accessing AKO webmail on cell phone? My wife was setting up her new phone and it retrieved all of her saved and ‘auto fill’ user names and passwords from our PC – somehow she managed to get her AKO email (she is required to have as a dod) to send emails to her phone, same with gmail and sbc yahoo. is that any type of violation? don’t want her getting into any trouble.
  • A:It is not a violation. You aren’t forwarding the mail, you are using the web to access it. She is just using a phone instead of a computer.
  • Q:In the military, what is AKO WebMail ?
  • A:AKO = Army Knowledge Online Web Mail, nothing more than an accessable portal to communicate since military computers are now restricted from yahoo and other similiar web based email.
  • Q:I cant get on .mil sites, I can browse anywhere else but ako and ako webmail, unresolved? I’ve deleted cookies, history, I’ve tried using Netscape. I reset my IE settings, turned down my security settings, turned off my pop-up blocker, still no luck. ))o:
  • A: if you’re using XP, try resetting the tcp/ip. if it still does not work, you might have to do a regedit. call your ISP or pc manufacturer technical support,they can help you with that.